6 non-WordPress places to find me

Life gets busy. Sometimes, even my life gets busy. I’ve been working on this thing which I can’t talk about yet but it ends in 6-8 weeks; then, I can talk about it. It’s very exciting. (For me, anyway.)

Thus, lack of blog posting.

Here are six other places you can find me online – in order of most active to least active!

  1. @pintucked – Twitter is easy. 140 characters of quick thinking and awesomeness. Plus I love RTing stuff. The most fashionable of my three Twitters, this one accompanies my fashion blog. I’m most active here because this Twitter has the most people I interact with. <3 @DigitallyChic!
  2. @asnievera – @asnievera is the less fashionable, less cute, more techy, more geeky Twitter. Still fun!
  3. Facebook – My Facebook profile isn’t public so the status updates are a little more personal and a little more cheeky.
  4. [email protected] – It took me a while to decide what to do with my Tumblr. I’ve had it for four years and I started by posting links of blog posts I found interesting and wanted to remember. What am I doing with it now? Re-blogging everything I find worthy about everything I’m interested in. Someone once described Tumblr as “a stream of consciousness.” I fully agree with this.
  5. @stuffaboutcats – Cats! How can you resist? Of course, this one goes hand in hand with Stuff About Cats. (Ooo, check out the Facebook page too.)
  6. Google Plus – It’s no surprise I’m on the latest social network. What’s surprising is how lackluster I’m finding it. Maybe my friends just aren’t active enough or I’m not putting enough into it… but, you know, it gets difficult thinking of different good things to post on three Twitter accounts, a Facebook, a Facebook page, and Google Plus.

Social networks aren’t your thing? Okay, you can also email me. My reaction will be something like this: :D.

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