March and April goals update

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I know… I am such a goob! I can’t believe I forgot to do my monthly goals update but I can see why I did – I’m not satisfied with my progress. You’ll find out why.

Goal 1: Lose 30 pounds.

So, last time we were here, in February, I went to the gym once. Thumbs up for me.

March, April, nada. NADA!!! I’m not even eating less or potion-controlling. I’m actually kind of afraid to weigh myself at this point. If you read my last blog about my (current?) stint with blogger burnout, you know I was stressed. And when I’m stressed, I eat. A lot. Pretty much anything but my favorites are junk food. I’ve gotten to the point where I can actually taste the health difference between junk and something organic and healthy; junk always makes me feel better emotionally. Healthy food is just so empty. Like eating air.

I’m trying to eat better, though. We signed up for one of those CSA deliveries and now get organic fruit and veggies monthly. (Thank you, San Francisco, for being so helpful in my crunchy granola attempts.) The veggies are a bit ambiguous: the Husband does all the cooking and he doesn’t like cooking vegetables. It’s difficult getting him to eat anything besides broccoli and carrots. We currently have a box of grape tomatoes, a head of romaine lettuce, and a thing of zucchini. I can probably eat the grape tomatoes as a snack but I don’t know about the other two. I suggested we put the lettuce in ramen and he kind of rolled his eyes at me. Vegetables! Ack!

Goal 2: Learn something new.

Tuesday was the first day of my third class with Ashford University, some English class I can’t remember the name of. The speediness of these classes is quite amazing; I’m plodding along and suddenly! Done! Next! But it’s good because the changes are often; if I get a crappy professor/TA or classmates, I tell myself it’s just five weeks. The online thing really helps, too. I find the people whose writing gives me a headache during our intro week and avoid their discussion posts the rest of the time.

Goal 3: Blog at least once a week, with the end goal of daily posts.

Uhh… Err…

For Stuff About Cats and Pintucked, I’ve actually managed a blog a week. It’s not too hard because I just schedule a cat picture and an item I like., I know I’ve missed at least one week.

I’m sort of back on track, though, and reevaluating my blogs. is a given; I can’t kill this blog without killing my web presence. Pintucked is sort of the same deal but in the fashion area; and, I love posting stuff I find. It’s fun! (Especially when it’s something that falls into the “Some Kind of Wrong” category.) Stuff About Cats is on the bubble, to use TV speak. As you may have read, I just want to post cute pictures of cats and links I find interesting about cats. I don’t need a dedicated WordPress blog for this.

So, for Stuff About Cats, I have the following options:

  • End the blog entirely.
  • End the WordPress blog and start over on Tumblr because finding and reposting pictures through Tumblr is much easier.
  • Continuing with Stuff About Cats but posting pictures and links, like I want to. No pressure on substantial posts.

Goal 4: Have an ongoing emergency fund of at least $1,000 by the end of the year.

We’re good on this. No problemo!

In summary…

Goals 1 and 3: not doing too well.
Goals 2 and 4: going strong.

What do you think I should do with Stuff About Cats? How are you doing on your goals?

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