February Goals Update: Goal 2 Success

Goal 1: Lose 30 pounds.

Okay, in February, I managed to make it to the gym. Once. I have no good excuse for only going once. It’s been freezing, work’s been very stressful, and I’ve been lazy. I know working out will help with the stress but, man, I just want to go home and work on school and my blogs. My excuses for not going to the gym this week involve packages arriving for me at work from my online shopping spree. I don’t want to drag something to the gym and then drag it home. What if the box doesn’t fit the gym locker? Egads. My gym isn’t in the ghetto but having a package in the open is just too tempting.

Goal 2: Learn something new.

Success! As of last week, I am officially a college student (again). This time I plan on seeing this through: I’m studying Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in Psychology at Ashford University. It’s online but very much the way I like to learn by focusing on one class at a time. Each class lasts five to six weeks. We’re only on week 2 but I can already tell the difference between this and the standard five-class semester method.

My first class is Adult Development and Lifespan… something. I didn’t pick it; it’s a required class meant to help you with learning and evaluating your life. I can see the point in it but it never would have been my choice. I would have just jumped into the nitty gritty. One of my Upper Division classes is Cyber Journalism. Hell yeah, I want that!

Goal 3: Blog at least once a week, with the end goal of daily posts.

Uh huh. I’ve been able to post more than once a week for my three blogs which is nice. But I feel a little like I’m cheating because these multiple posts aren’t necessarily ones of real depth. Maybe not all blog posts have to be deep and meaningful. Maybe I just need to get used to that.

Goal 4: Have an ongoing emergency fund of at least $1,000 by the end of the year.

February saw the transfer of another $155 into the emergency fund. I could add more money into it but I feel like that extra money should be thrown at our debt – especially now that I’m adding school loans to the mix…

Interested in what else I did during February? Check out my monthly blog roundup. While you’re at it? Add me on Twitter and Facebook. (If you want extra credit, there is also my Flickr, YouTube, and Tumblr.)





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