Week 2 Update: At A Standstill

Goal 1: Lose 30 pounds.

I haven’t bought a scale yet. (Getting to Costco by bus from my apartment is a real pain in the ass.) My gym doesn’t have a scale either. Super weird.

I haven’t gone to the gym yet. We packed up my workout clothes in November and now we can’t find them. The husband says he looked everywhere and he only found pants. So last week, I ordered a new sports bra and a top from Amazon and picked up another top at Target the last time we went. I think the Amazon stuff arrives next week? There’s no way in hell I’m going to the gym without a sports bra (oh, the woes of the busty). At least I don’t have to buy new shoes, too.

Meanwhile, I use the cats for exercise. They love their loofah bird dangly thing and I drag it while jogging up and down the stairs for them to catch. I know this isn’t much but it’s more than I’ve been doing. Oh! And I’m watching my calories. That’s been pretty horrible: no chocolate, no cake, no soda. I’m not cutting them off entirely but I am being choosy about what I spend my calories on. We had birthday cake in the office this past week and I said no. Safeway chocolate fudge cake doesn’t taste good enough for the 4,000,000 calories!

Goal 2: Learn something new.

WordPress is slow going. I haven’t really made much effort.

Goal 3: Blog at least once a week, with the end goal of daily posts.

Still happening! Woo, me.

Goal 4: Have an ongoing emergency fund of at least $1,000 by the end of the year.

We’re setting aside $5 daily. This equals out to $1,825 by December 31st which is almost double my original plan – which is awesome. I’m not going to be comfortable with more than $100 sitting in an envelope in our bedroom so I think I’ll open a separate bank account. Once upon a time, I would have opened a new checking account with Chase but Chase is instituting this new policy where you must have a $500 direct deposit or make 5 debit card transactions per month. Considering this is an emergency fund, the latter is not going to happen. The hard part is deciding where to open a new account. Bank of America and Wells Fargo are definitely no-goes. What would you suggest for a new bank with free checking?

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