Numbers Don’t Mean A Thing

When I started Pintucked, I told myself I wouldn’t focus on my numbers. Readers, RSS subscribers, that’s all just statistics. I was writing because I want to and I enjoy it. Still, I set up StatCounter and Feedburner to give me an idea how I was doing. (I also used Feedburner for email updates.)

Stuff About Cats was created a month before AmyNievera.Com. When I went to create the Feedburner feed for this site, I noticed Stuff About Cats had 3 subscribers. After I started advertising AmyNievera.Com, I checked Feedburner again.

my most current stats

Do you see what I see? Obviously, people like cats more than they like me and they like me and my cats a hell of a lot more than they like my style. That or I’m not a very good fashion writer. Either way? The message is: Amy, you suck!

But that’s okay. I acknowledge my lack of true, innovative fashion. I acknowledge my fairly crappy posts. I acknowledge I need to change how I deal with Pintucked. I think I know how. I don’t know if you’ll like it but I think I will.

Meanwhile, share your blog’s numbers. How many subscribers and how long did it take to reach this number? Would you do anything differently?

If you’re interested, you can subscribe to, Stuff About Cats, and Pintucked with just a couple of clicks.

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