6 Favorite Blogs With Great Photos

Last week, I posted my 8 favorite blogs based on writing. This time it’s the blogs with photos. It’s not like I don’t like photo blogs; they’re just not ones you read.

Cute Overload. This one is such a gimme. Photos of cute animals being adorable. Who wouldn’t like it? I check out this blog daily when stress or boredom peaks and it always works. One of my favorite categories is Cats ‘n’ Racks. (NSFW?)

Catsparella. Pop culture and cats in one blog! Two of my loves in one! I would have done the same thing with my cat blog except it’s been done (and done well).  My hands-down favorite post ever from this blog is still Ian Somerhalder with his cat. Oh em gee.

Ian Somerhalder with his cat - being SUPER HOT!

Come on, I had to post it.

Decor8. This is also a gimme – it’s an interior design blog! Lots of pretty pictures of homes and furniture. I like to look at it for inspiration (except I can never afford that couch) and for the design porn.

The Coveted. This is a fashion/lifestyle blog written by the well-known Jennine Jacob, creator of Independent Fashion Bloggers. I first started following The Coveted because Jennine lived in San Francisco but stayed a faithful reader because of her outfit photos. Jennine just makes things work, even things I thought were weird/gross/ugly like knee-high socks with peep-toe pumps. Not to mention, her photos are self-taken and look professional every time, without image effects. She also has a denim blog, eat, sleep, denim.

KRYS: Krys Rocks You Silly. Firmly in the personal blog category, Krystyn Chong posts nearly daily photos taken with her iPhone, usually of herself. Some may think this is narcissistic but she’s so friendly, I just enjoy her poses and her gorgeous lush hair.

life in a venti cup. Part design blog, part fashion blog, part lifestyle blog, Franki Durbin picks the best furniture. I always make the time to read the feed, even if I’m days behind on other blogs.

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