Welcome to The Write Amy!

This is a personal blog with personal thoughts written by a person. I promise it won’t be posts detailing my every movement, unless I happen to be doing something interesting. (Winning the lottery? I can dream.)

This is also a writer’s blog. Not only am I a freelance writer, I am working on my first novel, started during National Novel Writing Month. Though I am writing for fun and enjoyment, I do fully intend on publishing my currently-uncategorized fiction novel. I will make this blog book-marketing central, so don’t be surprised if banners and ads and links and what-have-you start showing up for Book #1. (Right now, it’s untitled.)

I promise no obnoxious pop-ups telling you to “BUY MY BOOK!” *flash flash*

Common topics are San Francisco, my cats, writing, novels, pop culture/entertainment, tech/startups, and strange things – not in order of frequency. And by “strange,” I mean things that I find strange, not me doing strange things.


Amy Ong, freelance writerAbout Amy Ong 

Omigod, yes, my name is Amy Ong! What a shock! And that picture to the right – that’s me.

I live in beautiful, foggy, San Francisco with my cat, Buddy. I’m happy to claim SF native status: I’ve lived in the City since 1990, except for an errant year spent in San Jose. But, in the interest of full disclosure, I wasn’t born here. My early childhood was in Malaysia and Taiwan, and I do still speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. (It’s tough to forget it when your mother is a Chinese teacher…)

I’ve been writing for fun ever since I can remember. After a stint in the corporate world (insurance!) and the rapid integration of the Internet in our every-day lives, I decided/realized writing for a living is truly what I want to do. I like learning, innovation, technology, making a difference, and using my brain to make things happen.

Being from San Francisco and a computer geek also makes it a no-brainer that I’d do something with startups and tech. When I started blogging in 2001, I picked up HTML and CSS. Recently, I completed the JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, and Python courses on Codecademy. Professionally, I’ve done social media, community management, and content creation for companies as small as a fledgling startup and as large as a Fortune 100.

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